Are You A Good Candidate?

Everyone can be a candidate for a clinical trial, but some people may be better suited toward a certain trial for a variety of reasons. Each one has specific criteria for participation. It can vary significantly depending on the research at hand. For example, many studies are looking for participants who suffer from certain illnesses, ailments or diseases. Others are actually looking to perform research on only healthy individuals. And still other studies require certain detailed characteristics for eligibility. Some qualifying (or disqualifying) criteria include age, race, gender, medical conditions, the stage and details of a disease (if any) and your treatment history (if applicable). For example, some studies will disqualify an applicant who smokes cigarettes, while another may be specifically looking for smokers. The factors that enable an individual to participate in a specific trial are referred to as inclusion criteria, while factors that do not meet the requested guidelines are referred to as exclusion criteria. The best way to determine if you’re eligible is to review the trials going on in your area, and then to fill out the convenient application.

Why Participate?

The most obvious reason for most people participating in a clinical trial is to potentially receive care for an illness or condition that affects them personally. Often when traditional treatments have not resulted in positive results, patients look to a clinical trial for ‘something fresh and new’, possibly a potential new medication or alternative treatment that they hope may help where other methods have failed. Some people choose clinical trials because the study related care is often at no personal cost. There are even cases where participants receive monetary compensation for their time and travel. And then there are those who join a study simply because they want to be a part of medical progress. For these volunteers, motivation comes from knowing they may play a part in the development of a new treatment, medication or vaccine that will help people for years to come. Regardless of the reasons, your involvement can go a long way in helping yourself and others live a better life.



Interested in participating in a clinical trial?

Want to be contacted to participate in a clinical trial? We welcome you to join millions of other people who have registered as a potential trial volunteer. It’s fast, at no cost, and you are never obligated to join a trial, even if you qualify.




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