Panoply Health is a full-service healthcare marketing firm that focuses on the clinical trial recruitment and patient engagement space.

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Patient Recruitment

We have developed a core set of direct-to-patient solutions that enable our customers to complete the enrollment phase of their clinical trials on time or ahead of schedule. We leverage technology-enabled services and trial experts to deliver high quality study candidates to individual research sites, thereby increasing the enrollment capacity of the entire investigator footprint.

Patient Engagement/Retention

For customers concerned with clinical trial attrition, we have a full suite of patient engagement/retention capabilities that reinforce the patient-site relationship that is forged in the context of a clinical trial. Our services also alleviate some of the common obstacles at the site and patient level which can lead to high drop-out rates, particularly for long-term safety and outcomes studies.

Interested in participating in a clinical trial?

Want to be contacted to participate in a clinical trial? We welcome you to join millions of other people who have registered as a potential trial volunteer. It’s fast, free, and you are never obligated to join a trial, even if you qualify.